• Smarter Cell Sorting

    A critical element for biomedical research is the ability to analyze and isolate cells using flow cytometers.


    However, current flow cytometers that sort cells are expensive, complicated, hazardous, large and bulky. For these reasons, cell sorters are often shared amongst labs, leading to conflicts in sample handling and scheduling. Furthermore, existing cell sorters produce cell damaging shear stress that affects downstream applications, create biohazardous aerosols, and require highly trained technicians.


  • Cell sorting made for everyone

    Introducing the WOLF Cell Sorter, the smallest, most affordable, and most capable cell sorter for every lab.

    Redefining benchtop

    • SMALL: Only 2.3 cubic feet—NanoCellect’s new benchmark for access and performance makes cell sorting and analysis possible in every lab.
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Bench-top analyzer and sorter offers high-performance, multi-parameter detection for optimal cell sorting.

    Advanced microfluidic technology

    • LOW SHEAR STRESS:  Gentle on-chip sorting improves cell viability over drop-in-air sorters with minimal shear stress.
    • SORTING FLEXIBILITY:  Universal chip used to sort all cells. Say good-bye to figuring out which nozzle to use—slide in the chip, load your sample and you are good to go.
    • NO CONTAMINATION:  Disposable chip eliminates sample-to-sample contamination and aerosols. Protects the users from cells and protects the cells from users.

    Made for everyone

    • EASY AND SAFE: With “Plug & Play” design, results have never been easier. Chip-based system is aerosol free.
    • AFFORDABLE:  Full-feature model will start under $100,000. No other cell sorter compares.
  • Novel Microchip-Based Cell Sorting Technology

    Our sorter uses an on-chip piezoacoustic actuator that gently directs cells into collection channels. Our unique system allows analysis and sorting to take place within a disposable chip. This eliminates sample-to-sample contamination and biohazard aerosols. An embedded cell sorting verification system gives instant feedback of sorting accuracy.

  • Specs

    A powerful instrument for all your major experiments


    Powerful and compact 30mw Laser


    Detection parameters: 3 colors, Forward & Back Scatter


    Distinct populations can be sorted at the same time.

  • How do you get one? When will it be available?

    We appreciate the continued interest for our WOLF Cell Sorter. This truly motivates our team to create something great. Developing hardware is not fast--but those who are patient will be very happy.

    Early adopter program

    We are currently working with selected early adopters primarily in the San Diego region. If you are interested in working with us, sign up below.

    2016 rollout

    We are now taking orders from customers who would like to have an instrument in 2016. This will primarily be reserved for US customers; with a few exceptions for international customers. Sign up below or email at info@nanocellect.com to get a quote.

  • Early Adopter Program

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    José Morachis, PhD

    CEO and Director

    Leading the team is Jose, where he brings creative solutions and ideas to both business and product development with a lean startup mentality.

    Sunghwan Cho, PhD


    Dr. Cho brings 10 years of expertise in the integration of microfluidics, optics, micro/nano-fabrication and electronics for advanced biomedical devices and instruments.

    Will Alaynick, PhD

    COO and Director

    Will brings 16 years of scientific and management experience to NanoCellect, including research in HHMI labs and project management consulting for several startups.

    Zhe (Jerry) Mei, PhD

    Senior Engineer

    Jerry is an experienced and talented engineer and wears multiple hats at NanoCellect. From algorithm development, hardware development, system integration and prototype testing, Jerry is there.

    Constance Ardila


    Constance develops and tests new cell analysis and sorting applications while also developing new engineering designs.

    Gerardo Narez

    Mechanical Engineer

    Leading the way in prototyping and product development is Gerardo. You will find him glued to his seat with SolidWorks or in the shop trying a new design.

    Fiona Chou

    Finance and Accounting

    Fiona makes sure our books are in order and the team stays on track financially. Keeps the office vibrant and fun.

    Rick Segil


    Most recently VP of Operations at EcoATM, Rick makes sure our product development stays on schedule with the right resources.

    Chau Dinh


    Chau joined our team while completing her Masters in BioEngineering. She is a multi-tasker and knows how to make things work.

    Manna Iwabuchi, PhD

    Project Consultant

    Manna is a talented research scientists with mixed background of chemistry, optics, and lab instrumentation.

    Pedram Khorshidi

    Hardware Engineer

    A creative hardware design engineer with over 14 years of experience. He can also kick ass on the foosball table.

    Chien-Chun Yang

    Electrical/Software Engineer

    Chien brings several years of medical device experience integrating electrical, software, and algorithms.

  • Board of Directors and Advisors

    We've got a top notch team!

    Ken Hood

    Director (FusionX Ventures)

    Jack Ball


    Nate Heintzman, PhD

    Director, co-Founder

    Yuhwa Lo, PhD

    Scientific Adviser and Co-Founder

    Larry Bock

    Scientific & Strategic Adviser

    John Nolan, PhD

    Scientific & Strategic Adviser

    James Wood, PhD

    Scientific & Strategic Adviser

    Wally Parce, PhD

    Scientific & Strategic Adviser

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