• N1 Single Cell Dispenser

    A module for the WOLF Cell sorter to sort and dispense into 96-well or 384 well plates.

    Many applications require the sorting and dispensing of single cells, such as B-cell identification in antibody discovery, and monoclonal CHO cell line development. Furthermore, single-cell ‘omics assays, where sample preparation is a key step for quality data generation, are no longer heroic academic exercises.


    Our dispensing method, like the WOLF®, remains aerosol-free, sterile, and disposable. Two outlets from the sorting cartridge are attached to tubing and two dispensing heads. Users can select the same cell population for every well, or assign two different cell populations. Each well of a 96- or 384-well plate can receive anywhere from 1 to 100 cells as they are sorted from the sample. Or users can simply dispense from a pure population.


    The N1 Single Cell Dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the intuitive software. Select single-cell from the dropdown menu, map out your plate, and hit go. The WOLF® and dispenser work together to deliver plated cells in a compact and affordable format. After sorting, data from each cell that are indexed well-by-well, allowing for confirmation of the plated cell.

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