• Cell Line Development

    Select viable single cells for plate seeding.

    The WOLF Cell Sorter, along with the N1 Single Cell Dispenser can be used to select viable single cells and plate them (96 or 384 well) using the power of cell sorting without the expense and complexities of traditional cell sorters. Wells can be pre-loaded with culture media and the same media can be used as the sheath buffer.


    The WOLF uses microfluidic sorting for sterile, gentle sorting and dispensing of viable single-cells and results in high outgrowth yield. More than a printer, the WOLF can sort based on 5 optical parameters and provide well-by-well indexed cellular data. The WOLF and N1 single-cell dispenser easily fit into standard hoods to preserve sterility. At only 2 cubic feet, the robust, portable, sterile, and safe system can be used in any lab without the need for dedicated hoods, venting, or personnel.


    The sterile, rapidly-exchangeable cartridge and tubing set of the WOLF eliminates carry-over between samples and clean up takes less than a minute.


    Visit our Resources Page to see how gentle sorting with the WOLF can offer improvements in cell line development.

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