• Win the WOLF Cell Sorter for a year

    NanoCellect will be awarding a placement of a WOLF Cell Sorter System & N1 Pro to one Core Lab for a full year. The winner will be selected based upon the submissions of a short abstract describing how the unique features of the WOLF can be used to address an application and/or improve the workflow of the Core Lab.
    Features & Benefits
    Sterile: Disposable cartridge means no potential cross-contamination between samples and eliminates any chance of microbial growth of biohazard clean-up. The entire fluidic path is changed.
    Gentle: Higher cell viability due to lower pressure, minimizing shear stress.
    Easy-to-use: Complete solution for sorting to tubes or plates. Intuitive software, fixed optics, no fluidics cart, and no need to change nozzles.
    In 500 words or less, tell us how you could use a WOLF Cell Sorter and consumables in your Core Lab. Register using the form below, or, send an email to WinAWolf@nanocellect.com; be sure to include your first and last name, work email, and organization name.

    Terms & conditions:

    Chances will depend on number of entrants. One entry per person. May not be combined with other offers. Prize includes: 1 WOLF and N1-Pro installed in your lab for one year, with 2 days of training upon installation, 1 year service & support, 1 Starter Kit, 2 boxes of 20 cartridges (1 Bulk & 1 Single Cell). Additional cartridges must be purchased by the lab at list price. Lab must sign contract to produce 2 app notes, co-developed with NanoCellect (NC), agree to present one webinar hosted by NC, and allow NC to create one customer story/use case in exchange for prize awarded. Must post by midnight Friday, Nov 16, 2018; winner to be contacted directly, and will be announced on LinkedIn by Friday, November 30, 2018. Prize contract must be signed by Dec 22, 2018, with instrument to be placed in lab by Jan 31, 2019, for 12 months.

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