• Gene Editing

    Avoid karyotype issues with gentle microfluidic cell sorting

    Gene editing, such as the use of CRiSPR technology, requires the correct modification, identification and clonal expansion of a single cell. Although useful, flow cytometry and sorting are often avoided due to the cost and complexity of owning and operating a sorter. The WOLF uses microfluidic, 5 optical parameters sorting for gentle, single-cell sterile sorting into 96- and 384-well plates with well-by-well data indexing for clonal expansion. Depending on the experimental goals, characterization of clones can be performed via flow cytometry, as well.


    The WOLF is an easy-to-use cell sorter and single-cell dispenser that does not require expertise in flow cytometry. The robust, portable, sterile, and safe system can be used in any lab without the need for dedicated hoods, venting, or personnel. At 2 cubic feet, the WOLF can be placed in any hood for sterility.


    The sterile, rapidly-exchangeable fluidics and cartridge of the WOLF eliminates carry-over between samples and with 1 minute clean-up.


    Visit our Resources Page to see how the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine at UCSD increased viability and genomic integrity of CRISPR-modified hiPS cells selected with WOLF Cell Sorter microfluidic technology.

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